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YGN Ethical Hacker Group

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About YEHG

The YEHG was established in September 2007 by a small group of young but mature people. The initiatives broke out in the hope of united force that can beat any obstacles and accomplish any goals we desire. We are NOT BLACK Hats. We are not concerned with or employed by Myanmar Government or any organizations.


To become one of the best, respectable, powerful groups in the world who’re ever dedicating their lives in ethical hacking and countermeasures.


1. To share each other in learning new skills, researches and developments
2. To help each other’s desired goal all together


Check out our Home page.


Our presentations about our thoughts of security.

Sub-sections: Exploits

We cannot guarantee our tools work for you. Use them at your own risk. We provide source code whenever possible.

Our Projects

  • Virtual Hacking Lab
    Description: This project is a mirror of deliberately insecure applications and old softwares with known vulnerabilities. Used for proof-of-concept /security training/learning purposes. Available in either virtual images or live iso or standalone formats.

  • The Ultimate Hacker Web Directory (HWD)
    Description: Ever-updated Comprehensive Hacking/Security Links Repository
    Goal: To be the Best Hacking Directory of All Times
    Started: March 2008

Advisories | What security breaches we've found

Sub Section: Dll Hijacking

We don't intentionally hunt for vulnerabilities. The following ones are some of what we came across. Surely enough, we are not the only ones who found such holes. Many security researchers may have found the same holes at the same time or so.
Concerning with our disclosure policy, if a vulnerability is critical, we wait for vendor's released fix within an aceptable time frame before disclosure. If a vulnerability is not critical, we disclosure it to inform users and force vendors of affected applications to fix because vendors do not usually have the willingness to fix minor security flaws.

Resource Directory

This is our ongoing project to maintain the most live ever-updated comprehensive links repository. We take pains to make the HWD sure for quality links resources. Click the logo below to enter into hwd:

Training | Demonstrations

Our videos illustrations of various hacking/security processes and tools were tested on our hacking lab environments and intended only for security hardening purpose. Please don't complain if those don't work for you. Watch and forget'em! Submit your desired training requests via the contact form.
Requirement: No more than a web browser with Flash player plugin.


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