Membership | Join Us

Join only if you can ever dedicate to security/hacking and can directly try for YEHG MISSION. Any cool vigilant guys are allowed to register. Membership is allowed only for a person who meets the following requirements.

Emotional Requirements:

  1. Self-motivator
  2. Self-learner
  3. Good communicator
  4. Vigilant Team worker
  5. Patient problem solver
  6. Persistently working hard in gaining desired goal
  7. Not opening team secrets even to his close circles and the whole world
  8. Not ever talking about gloom and depression
  9. Not an idiot ever asking how-to questions (ask google first)
  10. Not an egotistic man who ever thinks he's the best over the others. We wanna fuck guys like that!
Technical Requirements:
  1. Has at least continual 2-year exposure in IT field
  2. Has sound foundation on IT Knowledge
  3. Practically skillful in at least one programming and scripting language
  4. Able to use both Linuxes & WINDOWS OSes
No doubt, all members in our group meet all those requirements.